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Vulcan Horseshoes and Vulcan Horseshoe Nails are fast becoming one of the leading brands in innovative and high quality products for farriers around the world. Our passion for the production of ground breaking, best value products is firmly rooted in our family experience as professional working farriers.

Constantly developing and evolving better horseshoes and nails to fulfil the needs of real farriers, our product engineers are not just talented innovators, they are real farriers themselves. Each Vulcan product goes through months (if not years) of real testing and evaluation to produce a final result that exceeds expectations gives farriers true confidence in their materials.

Our unique manufacturing processes and global distribution network ensure that all Vulcan Horseshoes and Vulcan Nails are high on value and always readily available.

The expanding Vulcan range currently includes:

  • Vulcan USA Steel Horseshoes
  • Vulcan Concave Steel Horseshoes
  • Vulcan Quality Competition Steel Horseshoes
  • Vulcan EP (English Pattern) Steel Horseshoes
  • Vulcan RM (Roller Motion) Steel Horseshoes
  • Vulcan Sprint Light Racing Steel Horseshoes
  • Vulcan Sprint 3/8 Racing Steel Horseshoes
  • Vulcan Sprint Wide Web Racing Steel Horseshoes
  • Vulcan Sprint Light Racing Aluminium Horseshoes
  • Vulcan Sprint Wide Web Racing Aluminium Horseshoes
  • Vulcan Blenkinsop Steel Horseshoes
  • Vulcan X Steel Horseshoes
  • Vulcan Straight Bar Steel Horseshoes
  • Vulcan Heart Bar Steel Horseshoes
  • Vulcan Egg Bar Steel Horseshoes
  • Vulcan Horseshoe Nails

Products Vulcan Products


Sam Head Meet & Greet @ Canoga Farrier Supply

Sam Head Meet & Greet @ Canoga Farrier Supply, California

Sam Head at Canoga

Sam Head of Vulcan Horseshoes U.S.A will be stopping by for a meet and greet event showcasing Vulcan Shoes. Bring your rig and lets do some forging!


British Team Horseshoeing Championships

Team Vulcan Horseshoes 2013

We are sponsoring a team and exhibiting at the British Team Horseshoeing Championship on Saturday 19th October 2013. Come and see us in action!

More info on the event here.

Vulcan Blenkinsop

Vulcan Blenkinsop - Blenkin' FantasticVulcan Blenkinsop – Blenkin’ fantastic!

Vulcan X – Dressage

Vulcan X for dressageVX in 22×10 section. Such an easy shoe to shape. Currently being shown off by Grand Prix Dressage riders Judy Harvey and Daniel Sherriff in the south of France!!

Heartbars the HARD way

Vulcan Heartbar Horseshoes are easier!Heart bars the HARD way!!!!! Easier to call the office on +44 (0)1908 366855

Ferrari Racing Red

Racing Red Vulcan HeartbarPowder coated ‘Ferrari racing red’ Vulcan Heartbar – just for fun!!!! We were really tempted to nail it on.

Horseshoe Design – the ‘old fashioned’ way



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